Data Fights Debt is an initiative created by a group of coders, designers, and artists, backed by the secure technology of our partners, Data Does Good, and the trusted practices of RIP Medical Debt. By using the Data Does Good plugin we allow anybody to safely and securely take back control of their data and to use it to generate cash. We then give this money to RIP Medical Debt, which buys and forgives medical debt for cents on the dollar.


Data Does Good


Data Does Good is a public benefit corporation based in NYC. Their Data Does Good browser extension allows users to take agency over their data, and use it to raise money for charity. They have done similar campaigns with Susan G. Komen foundation, the largest and best funded breast cancer organization in America, as well as HuskerThon. They are trusted by thousands of users, and have the highest industry standards for protection, encryption, and privacy. They have been featured on Fast Company, Mashable, and CBS



RIP Medical Debt locates, buys and forgives medical debt across America, the only industrialized nation on earth with personal medical debt. The non-for profit work on behalf of individual donors, philanthropists and organizations who provide financial relief for people burdened by unpaid and unpayable medical bills. They have been most famously featured on John Oliver Tonight.