+ What is Data Fights Debt?

Data Fights Debt is a data-driven fundraising campaign created by a group of artists, researchers, and designers, in partnership with Data Does Good and RIP Medical Debt.

+ How does data turn into money?...

Using the Data Does Good browser extension, we create a private pool of data made up of the anonymous shopping data contributed by all members of Data Does Good. Researchers from all sorts of fields will pay money for access to the patterns in this data, never an individual's data. Since it takes time for researchers to buy patterns in this data, Data Does Good has guaranteed that for each sign up to Data Fights Debt, they will donate $10-$30 to RIP Medical Debt. RIP Medical debt buys medical debt for cents on the dollar, meaning this $10-$30 erases $1000-$3000 in debt.

+ Why do researchers want data?

Once your anonymous shopping history is pooled with others people's shopping history, we help third-parties, say brands and retailers, identify trends about online shopping behavior, such as differences in how New Yorkers and Californians shop. This helps businesses better determine how to develop, market, and advertise their products.

+ How is my privacy protected?

We believe protecting your privacy is paramount. So, we protect your privacy in two important ways. First, we anonymize your shopping history by removing personal information like your name, email, and address before we share it with any third-party purchasers. Next, we aggregate your shopping history with other people’s shopping history so that we never share information about a single individual alone.

+ Why medical debt, why now?

We are choosing to address the issue of medical debt at a pivotal moment in history. The tax bill passed in December is predicted to force healthcare costs and health insurance deductibles to increase to such a degree, that by 2020, 95% of Americans who enter a hospital will leave in debt. Five years after, the money meant to go to healthcare subsidies will instead give 83% of tax cuts to the top 1%.

+ Who is affected by medical debt?

We are focusing on medical debt because it is a particularly pernicious driver for all sorts of inequality. Statistically, people age 25-34 and people of color are much more likely to have unpaid medical bills, even if they are insured. When controlling for income or debt amount, people of color are more likely to be relentlessly targeted by debt collectors. This leads to wages being garnished while interest builds, lawsuits filed, liens placed on homes, arrests, and jail time. With outcomes so dire, 1 in 4 people end up skipping needed medical procedures to avoid the cost. For those who decide to get care, many get stuck in a cycle of insolvency for years to come, while their credit scores are affected even after that. While this happens, debt collectors gather $44.9 Billion from us a year.

+ Can I get $1000-$3000 for my shopping data?

No. Only when we pool our data is each member's generating money, and that is on average $10-$30 per person. This $10-$30 is donated to RIPMedical Debt, a not for profit that buys medical debt and erases it for a cent on the dollar. This means $10-$30 can erase $1000-$3000 in debt.

+ Can I erase my own debt?

Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment (read more at www.ripmedicaldebt.org/FAQ, linked below). Still, we encourage you to help someone else for free: If your burdened with any sort of debt, understand what a letter reading "your debt has been forgiven," would mean. If you wish to learn more, visit www.ripmedicaldebt.org.

+ What is Data Fights Debt's goal?

Our goal is to empower people to rise to collective action. RIP Medical Debt's goal is to erase $1 billion dollars of medical debt. If around 780,000 people download this extension, around 10% of the users of the popular coupon finding extension Honey, we can reach this goal of erasing $1 billion.

+ I downloaded the plugin and it reads "Data Does Good." Why is that?

Data fights debt uses the Data Does Good plugin, which allows users to generate money with their online shopping data. If you have more questions about Data Does Good, read question below.

+ On my profile page, it says I donated $0. Why?

This is likely because you have not synced your Amazon shopping history. To do so, simply click on the heart shaped browser extension (upper right) and press sync. Then go back to your user profile and see how much your data is worth!

+ What is Data Does Good, what does their plugin do

Data Fights Debt uses the Data Does Good plugin, which turns online shopping data into $10-$30. This $10-$30 goes to a charity of a user's choice. For questions on how data turns into $10-$30 in donations, please visit: www.datadoesgood.com/FAQ

+ What is RIP Medical Debt?

With Data Fights Debt, we take this $10-$30 and donate it to RIP Medical Debt. RIP medical debt locates, buys and forgives medical debt and brings financial relief to people burdened by unpaid and unpayable medical bills. They buy medical debt for cents on the dollar, so $10-$30 buys $1000-$3000 in medical debt. For questions regarding this process, please visit: ripmedicaldebt.org/FAQ